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Cherokee Language Tutor


Tsalagi (Cherokee)

Lesson 1: Small Talk

Study the words and phrases below.

ENGLISH TSALAGI (CHEROKEE) Phonetic Pronunciation
Hello. Osiyo. Oh-see-yo.
How are you? Dtohitsu? Doe-hee-chew?
Good. Osda. Oh-s-da.
What is your name? Gado detsadoa? Gah-doe day-tsa-doe-ah?
Where do you live? Hatlv hinela? Ha-tluh hee-nay-lah?
What did you just say? Gadogi hadia? Gah-doe-ge ha-dee-ah?
Please speak slowly. Usganoli hiwonihi. Oos-gah-no-lee hee-woe-nee-hee.
I don't understand. Tla yigoliga. Tlah yee-go-lee-gah.
Do you understand? Holigatsv? Ho-lee-gah-tsuh?
Thank you. Wado. Wah-doe.

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