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Port Royal State Park
Port Royal Trail of Tears Section
Encampment site for the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears and an official site on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

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NATIVE HISTORY ASSOCIATION - Cherokee Lesson 20: School

Cherokee Language Tutor


Tsalagi (Cherokee)

Lesson 20: School

Study the words and phrases below.

ENGLISH TSALAGI (CHEROKEE) Phonetic Pronunciation
Student Dideloquasgi Dee-day-lo-quah-s-kee
Teacher Dideyohvsgi Dee-day-yo-huh-s-kee
Lecture Digosisodi Dee-go-see-soh-dee
Study Agasesdodi Ah-gah-say-s-doh-dee
Knowledge Vgatahvi Uh-gah-tah-huh-ee
Know Onvdv Oh-nuh-duh
Learn Adeloquasdi Ah-day-lo-quah-s-dee
Answer Gawohiliyvdv Gah-wo-hee-lee-yuh-duh
Question Advdvhvsgi Ah-duh-duh-huh-s-kee
School Tsunadeliquasdii Choo-nah-day-lee-quah-s-dee-ee

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