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Creek Language Tutor


Muskogee (Creek)

Lesson 1 - Small Talk

Study the words and phrases below.

ENGLISH Muskogee (Creek) Phonetic Pronunciation
Hello. Hensci. Hins-cha.
Do you speak Creek? Mvskoke opunakv opunayetske omv? Muh-z-go-gee obo-na-guh obo-na-yetz-gee oh-muh?
How are you? Estonko? Is-don-go?
I am fine. Estonkes os. Is-don-ges oh-s.
Please speak slowly. Hvlalotken opunayis. Huh-lah-lot-kin o-bo-nay-es.
Please say again. Hvtum makis. Hah-dum ma-gahs.
Yes. Henka or Enka. Hinga or Ingah.
No. Monks or Monkos. Mo-ngs or Mo-ngos.
Thank you. Mvto. Muh-doe.
I'll see you again. Cehecvres. Zee-hee-zah-hles.

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