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Port Royal State Park
Port Royal Trail of Tears Section
Encampment site for the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears and an official site on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

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Muskogee (Creek) Language Tutor


Muskogee (Creek)

Creek is a Muskogean language. Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole are also Muskogean languages. These lessons are based on the Muskogee (Creek) Language Sampler published by Various Indian Peoples Publishing Company.

Pronunciation Guide

Sounds Represented By Vowels Sounds Represented By Consonants Are As In English Except For:
as in 'father' 'c'  as 'ch' in "cheese" or sometimes "z"
'v'  short as in "arena" 'k'  as in 'g' in "gum"
'e'  short as  in 'pit' 'p'  as 'b' in boy and sometimes as 'p'
'i' long as in 'lay', or short (eh) when final vowel in word 'r' as 'hl' similar to "thl"
'o' as in 'note' s as z in "zoo"
'u' as 'oo' 'fool' t as 'dt', as "t" when two occur in a word

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Lesson 1 - Small Talk Lesson 3 - Food
Lesson 2 - Animals Lesson 4 - Numbers

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